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A pleasant, gratified environment, a resemblance of home is what our trainees know and remember us by. It is our aim to lead more music enthusiasts and aspiring artistes to higher grounds, through experienced and committed instructors, in a warm, amicable and well equipped learning ground.

Personally guided by Roy Li Fei Hui, our "Artiste Development Programme" is a comprehensive course of training, comprising of vocal techniques, vocal presentation, stage performance and more. It is also our focus to train one's professional attitude and discipline, the essentials required to face different challenges in the industry.

Our collaborations with schools and organizations provide more opportunities for learners to showcase their talents as it is through performing, that one can improve on their singing skills, gaining more confidence, experience and exposure.

Be a part of our big family, let us walk you through this amazing learning journey, making your musical pursuits a much pleasant one.

“让我们与您分享一种与众不同的歌唱学习过程,带您走入真正的音乐世界” - 黎沸挥