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Basic  /  Intermediate  /  Advanced

Learn how to sing and play popular tunes on the guitar using “strumming” and “plucking” methods within weeks!

In the Basic course, you will learn the fundamental guitar chords and be able to play them at the end of the lessons.

For Advance course, students get to pick their favourite tunes and learn how to play and sing with the guidance of the instructors.

Group (minimum of 4)and Solo classes are available.

流行吉他课程在黎沸挥。想像音乐推出的流 行吉他课程,让你能在短期内学会以吉他演唱现代流行歌曲。

在初级流行吉他课程中,学生将会被授予基本的吉他和弦弹拨法,使学生们能在为期4个月的课程中就 能学会自弹自唱的基本技巧。


分别有团体(至少4人)或个人 班。