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Basic  /  Intermediate  /  Advanced

Our in-house instructors are well-trained and passionate in teaching vocals. 

Students will spend quality time and learn in a fun and relaxing environment as our instructors guide them through all the fundamental drills and exercises suitable for their level of learning.

  • Improve on rhythmic sense and vocal range
  • Introduction to Vocal Registers i.e.: usage of chest voice, mixed voice and head voice.
  • Usage of Diaphragm
  • Vocal Control
  • Intonation



  • 运用正确的发声部位来加强歌唱技巧。
  • 加强节奏感和音域
  • 了解和辨识不同的发声部位和共鸣位置
  • 丹田的运用
  • 歌声控制
  • 中文发音