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Creative Director of IMAGINE MUSIC SG

Being a local renown singer/song-writer, Roy Loi has been in the music industry for more than 18 years. With 5 albums in Singapore, 3 in Taiwan and over 10 compilations, he has also produced albums and arranged music for various artistes throughout Asia. Roy's work, in collaboration with producers and artistes locally and over the regions have brought him recognitions.

Being nominated for over 15 awards throughout Asia, such as best male singer, best local artiste, best song composer, best song lyricist, best album and best producer, his productions have also won various major music awards from 1987 to 2004.

Apart from writing and producing music, Roy is also involved in the nurturing and training of regional artistes, amongst them are Kwan De Hui, Julia Pang, Carina Lau and most recently, the Female Champion of Singapore's biggest star making competition, Channel U's Project Superstar 2005, Kelly Poon, who has been under his training wings as a trainee artiste for more than 2 years.

As the Creative Director of Imagine Music SG, Roy Loi is dedicated to the work of being the Instructor-In-Charge of the "Artiste Development Programme", author of all the agendas of the modules. It is also his hope, to enrich aspiring artistes on the aspects of being a regional artiste, and the developmental of nurturing potential artistes, to create a new phenomenon for the up-rising entertainment industry in Singapore and Asia.

出身于新谣时代,黎沸挥是新加坡著名的创作歌手。出道18年,他在本地发行了5张个人国语专辑,在台湾发行了3张个人国语专辑以及超过10章的合 辑。他也曾和许多著名制作人以及本地与亚洲的艺人合作,担任专辑制作,以及为他们写歌。他的作品获得了个音乐界的肯定,入围了许多顶尖音乐奖项,就包括了 最佳男歌手,最佳本地歌手,最佳作曲,最佳作词,最佳专辑以及最佳制作人。


  • 关于爱情:亚太流行歌曲创作比赛 - 总决赛作品(1987)
  • 爱如潮水:各大顶尖音乐奖项 (1994-1997)
  • 等你等到我心痛:各大顶尖音乐奖项(1994-1997)
  • 心如刀割:新加坡金曲奖最佳作词 (2002)
  • 练习:新加坡词曲创作人协会 - 得奖作品 (2004)